Who are we?


The mission of Senior Resource Group Inc. is to remove access barriers to service, empower seniors through education, lower prescription drug cost, consolidate resources, and mobilize assistance. 


Senior Resource Group Inc. services range from locating no cost insulin for diabetics; applying clients for prescription drug grants; locating local/state/federal and private assistance programs; explaining Medicare; and identifying the lowest cost Medicare supplements, health plans, & insurance solutions. Each of our clients are given an extensive individual interview so that our advocates can uncover every transportation, tax, food, and medical discounts he/she may qualify for. 


The need for Senior Resource Group Inc was discovered in April of 2012, when Anna Wilkerson (the mother of our foundera) was turning 65, and aging into Medicare. Having worked in the health insurance industry since 2008, our founder began the task of helping her mother navigate the Medicare health system, and research benefits for those turning 65. In May of 2012 Anna was diagnosed with a stage 4 cancer, and by July of 2012 Anna had passed away. Per our founder: "Having to learn how Medicare worked while my mother was dying was a harrowing experience. Not only did I have to accept my mother's mortality, but I also had to learn about the cost associated with Medicare, the high cost of prescription drugs, and what services Medicare wouldn't cover. I suddenly found myself thrust into a life or death decision making process, in which I couldn't make choices based upon my mother's wishes (or my emotions); but rather, I had to make my decisions based upon what the health insurance would cover. During this time I was afraid of making a mistake, I didn't know who to trust, and I often wondered about the genuineness of the advisors around me; were they there to help me, or were they simply looking to profit during my time of vunerability and confusion? The combination of fear, grief, and limited choices left me feeling alone, and ultimately helpless. I wish that there had been a unbiased group that had been willing to sit down with my mother & I and inform us of all our options."


After surviving such a life altering experience, our founder began to partner with community organizations (aldermen offices, churches, food pantries, senior centers, etc.) in an effort to educate, and empower those turning 65+. While assisting seniors in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan, our founder began to identify gaps in service when it came to connecting resources to those in need. For instance, in Chicago there was a case involving an 83 year old male resident with particulary high health care cost, and a low income. The 83 year old southside resident had been receiving a fixed monthly income of less than $800, but his health care cost were slightly above $250! After providing the resident with education & assistance, our founder was able to help him reduce his health care cost from the once $250 a month, to a more sustainable cost of $20.00 a month. 


Although the aforementioned case is extreme, there were many other cases that involved Diabetics not receiving insulin (due to cost); people not receiving adequate nutrition (most were unable to eat due to having missing teeth, oral infections, and overall poor dental health); and people with limited incomes living in deplorable conditions. After encountering numerous residents that qualified for assistance that they were not receiving (either due to lack of knowledge or inaccessibility), our founder began to look for ways to mobilize, consolidate, and educate seniors about availabe resources. Per our founder: "mobilization is key; not every senior is computer savvy, some face transportation barriers, and many seniors are simply withdrawn from their communities." 


To date, our outreach efforts have allowed us to help over 500 seniors in the areas of healthcare education, reduced prescription drug cost, lowered healthcare cost, transportation services, tax exemptions, and decreased Medicare premiums. Because of the work of Senior Resource Group Inc. seniors throughout the Illinois & Indiana region have reported a reduction in their monthly spending, which in turn has  helped them to live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.  


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